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star Top 5 Reasons You Should Use AJ Consulting

In my business, AJ Consulting, I have been an Internet Consultant for 15 years and a Google AdWords Consultant since 2002.

If you are my client you will receive high quality, professional service to insure that you are using Google AdWords as the most powerful marketing tool that it can be.

1 - You Get Personal Service With Proven Results

I pay attention to you. I listen directly to you, and I personally work with you.

* The Google AdWords Campaigns that are done for you are based on YOUR needs and goals. Its personal.

* You hire me, not a person assigned to your account from a large, impersonal company.

* I am accessible and responsive, and view you as a partner - not a number.

* I know these programs, and know how to achieve results.

* You don't have to waste money experimenting to find out how they work, and what works best... I already know.

* My service and commitment to you is of the highest standards. Just ask my clients.

Google AdWords Pay Per Click campaigns for businesses are guaranteed to bring you results... provided they are done right, set up right from the start, and monitored with patience and attention to detail.

And that is exactly why you should use AJ Consulting.

2 - You Get Ahead of Your Competitors With My Exclusive Representation

If you make an investment in your Pay Per Click advertising by working with me, you will get the jump on your competitors.

If your competitor is not using Adwords, or if they are using it inefficiently or improperly, you can increase your business as you utilize opportunities that they miss.

Once I work with you on an ongoing basis, I will not represent anyone who is in competition with you in any area that could affect you.

My clients are spread around the country, and I will not take on any new clients who are competitors in the same area as an existing client.

So, for example, if you are a law firm practicing in Washington State, I will not take any competing law firms in the same area.

You will have me working for you exclusively, and can get the edge on your competitor.

If you would like more information, or to find out if there are openings for your business type, just a click here for my contact page to set up your free consultation.

3 - You Get a Qualified Google Advertising Professional / Certified Partner

In addition to my many years of successful Google AdWords account management for my clients, I am a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

This means I am certified by Google as competent and qualified to run any Google AdWords programs. For more information on what it means to be a Qualified Google Advertising Professional please read the information provided by Google that follows.

"One of the things I really like best about working with Alex is how he always checks with me on everything, and follows up on everything he says he will do. I feel he has taken care of me and always looks out for my best interest."

Steve Plank, Owner,
Advanced Termite & Pest Control

More Testimonials Here!

(Please Note: The text below is taken directly from the Google web site, and gives you their own exact definitions and benefits of what it means to be a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.)

Who are Google Advertising Professionals?

Google Advertising Professionals are online marketing professionals, agencies, and other individuals - such as search engine marketers (SEMs), search engine optimizers (SEOs), and marketing consultants - who currently manage or want to manage AdWords accounts. They must sign up for the program successfully and have an active AdWords account. Qualified Individuals and Qualified Companies go to extra lengths to attain this status, including passing our exam which demonstrates their in-depth knowledge of AdWords.

Why should I hire a Google Advertising Professional?

Like many advertisers, you may not have a significant amount of time to invest in learning AdWords and managing your own advertising account. Hiring a professional can help save you time while maximizing the return on your investment. In choosing a Google Advertising Professional, you should consider your core advertising needs and try to match them with a professional's services.

How can I tell if a professional is really Qualified and not just yanking my chain?

We take many measures to protect our users from conducting business with unethical individuals and companies. The best way to verify their qualification is by looking for the AdWords Qualified Individual or Company logo on their Professional Status page. This page includes Google's validation that the individual or company has received Qualified status within the Google Advertising Professionals program.

You can find the Professional Status page by clicking on the AdWords Qualified Individual or Company logo that is visible from the individual's or company's website. If you don't find it there, simply ask your professional for the link to the page. Once you find the page, it's important to check for the following things so you can ensure that the page and professional are authentic:

- The professional's business name.
- Professional Status page hosting by Google.
- Google's validation of the individual or company's Qualified status.

(End of quote from Google sources.)

4 - You Get My Years of Experience, Which Saves You Time and Money

How Pay Per Click works in theory is the simple part.

Making it work the best that it can in the real world is more complicated. Of course, having experience and knowledge in exactly how these systems work provides for the best results.

That is why it is most cost effective to use the services of an experienced professional, rather than "trial and error", which can cost you extra time and money.

Here are some key reasons my experience with Google AdWords programs will save you time and money;

* I know these programs, and know how to achieve results.

* You don't have to waste money experimenting to find out how they work, and what works best... I already know.

* In addition to knowing the track record of various methods of working with Google, I keep up on the current changes and trends. Knowing the context of any changes helps me to evaluate their relative effectiveness and importance.

* I know what the results mean. My experience helps me to know which results are significant, and which are not. I can analyse results knowing what they mean for the short term, and the long term.

* Actual experience in setting up effective campaigns gives me the confidence and knowledge to create the proper structure correctly, the first time.

My years of "Hands-On" experience working in the real world of Google Pay Per Click has given me the ability to help my clients in the most effective manner possible.

I know the best methods, and the practical results of various strategies and tactics that work for the specific needs of my clients.

5 - You Get Confidence and Peace of Mind About Your Google AdWords Marketing

By hiring a Qualified Google Advertising Professional with years of practical, real-world experience you can have confidence and peace of mind about your online marketing campaigns.

Once you see the results, and see my methods of working and communicating with you, you will be able to rest assured that your Google AdWords program is in good hands.

In addition to my years of experience, I am also currently certified as a Qualified Google Advertising Professional.

This means I am current with the latest trends and developments within the Google Pay Per Click programs. The certification is renewed on a yearly basis, so this gives you the confidence that I am fresh and up to date with the latest developments.

I have heard from some of my clients that their competitors have remarked to them; "Wow, you are all over the internet. Whoever you have doing your internet marketing is really doing a great job."

When they hear that, they have a confidence and peace of mind that their business is getting the best promotion possible. Experience with Google AdWords is a key component to this, and the reason my clients trust me with their online marketing.

If you would like to experience that confidence and peace of mind that comes with knowing your online marketing is in good hands, please feel free to contact me today.

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Google is hugely powerful. If you want to make the most of every opportunity that Google AdWords has to offer, you can unleash the full power of Google by working with me!

You can take advantage of my free consultation any time that is convenient for you. I will answer any questions you have, clearly and concisely, and will respect your time and privacy.

Feel free to contact me today and we can talk about how I can help your business grow by using the most powerful marketing tool available to you - your own Google AdWords program.