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Alex Johnson

star Alex Johnson - Google AdWords Consultant

Internet Background

I have been interested in the internet ever since I was first exposed to it. I started working directly with the internet when I started an organization in Seattle WA called "Musicians Network".

I am a violinist, with several music album releases, and saw a need for musicians to network with music industry people in order to facilitate their success. In addition to regular monthly meetings and lectures from music industry people, Musicians Network had a robust internet presence. I began to design and update the website and worked on getting it in the search engines and promoting it, with help and tutoring from various members of Musicians Network who were involved in the internet from it's earliest days.

This internet promotion of Musicians Network led me into further work helping others with their websites and website promotion, and from there I never looked back. I quickly branched out from musician's promotion to all other kinds of businesses.

Since moving from Seattle to the Northeast in New Hampshire for family reasons, I sold off Musicians Network and have gone full time to working in internet promotion and marketing.

I found I have a natural knack for the internet, because I have an ability to work with computers and software, as well as an extensive knowledge of the English language and sales and motivational psychology.

Sales And Marketing Background

Some of my earliest clients were sales and marketing firms, and I learned a lot from them. I have always had an interest in sales and marketing, but primarily in the psychological end of motivating people.

I enjoy the challenge of understanding how people think and make decisions. Using the proper language and psychology is key, but tracking and gathering data on behavior is a primary requirement to understanding people and what motivates them.

Other Interests

* Music - I have been a musician my whole life, and play classical violin, as well as bass guitar. I studied classical violin at the University of Utah, but at the same time played bass guitar in heavy metal rock bands from the time I was a teenager. After leaving my last heavy metal band, I struck out on my own and created my own style of violin music, combining my violin playing along with electronic bass. I have produced and released a number of music albums in the past, which are classified as "New Age Classical".

* History - Since I was a teenager I have been interested in history, but primarily World War Two history, focusing on Europe and Russia. I have read hundreds of books in this area, and watched many videos and documentaries. That period of history has always fascinated me because of the tumultuous change and dramatic events of that time. There is something about it that keeps drawing me back year after year.

* Travel - I love to travel, and have been to India on numerous occasions. In 2001 I went with a team of people to document the Hindu festival of Kumbha Mela in Allahabad, which was the largest gathering of humans on the planet ever at the time. I have also enjoyed traveling to Europe to visit some of the historic landmarks of World War Two. I also enjoy traveling around our beautiful country of the USA to take in all it's wonder and diversity.



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