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star Create a New Google Pay Per Click Account

A Google AdWords account will advertise your business by running your ads on the Internet, on Google search engines and other main locations.

* If you don't have a Google AdWords account I can set one up for you.

* I will explain to you whatever you may need to know, and will answer any questions you have about Pay Per Click, or your specific account.

* I will contour your account and setup to benefit your business in the best way possible, and I can work in consultation with you or your marketing representative.

* It is very important to set your account up correctly right from the beginning.

* By doing it right the first time, you will save yourself a LOT of money in the long run... money you could be spending on getting new clients or customers, rather than on trial and error learning.

"Alex Johnson of AJ Consulting is an exceptionally competent, thorough and meticulous marketing consultant for Google Adwords Campaign work. I recommend him with utmost enthusiasm and appreciation."

Rabbi Zachary Goldman
Founder and CEO
EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency

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I have set up many new accounts, and my knowledge of business, marketing, internet marketing, and Google AdWords, assures the best possible account for your business.

With my experience, and very personal service, you can have complete confidence that you are fully utilizing the power of Google AdWords from the first day you start running your ads.

You can get the best account setup possible, and have it set up properly, right from the beginning.

You can relax and enjoy the results, instead of worrying about wasting your time and money!


star Contact Me Now for Clear Answers

Google is hugely powerful. If you want to make the most of every opportunity that Google AdWords has to offer, you can unleash the full power of Google by working with me!

You can take advantage of my free consultation any time that is convenient for you. I will answer any questions you have, clearly and concisely, and will respect your time and privacy.

Feel free to contact me today and we can talk about how I can help your business grow by using the most powerful marketing tool available to you - your own Google AdWords program.