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star How AJ Consulting Earns You Money

The information below will cover some of the details of how AJ Consulting can work with you to achieve maximum results with your Google AdWords campaigns - AJ Consulting helps you grow your business.


1 - By Proper Initial Adwords Setup

My method is to start with a careful evaluation of your business practice. The goal is to determine exactly who your target market is for each campaign, and for each set of keywords or keyword phrases.

A budget should be set aside for your Pay Per Click program in order to build and maintain your traffic over a set period of time.

Normally I work on a retainer basis with clients to continually monitor and improve your rankings, and to drive down your Cost Per Click for your keywords and keyword phrases.

Managing your Google Ad Words accounts takes careful attention to detail, and a knowledge of what works best with these programs.

The initial setup is a big part of this process, to get things set up properly in the first place. However, once you are setup it is necessary to review the results and alter and refine your bid amounts and track your results. Also, your ads can be changed if they are not performing optimally for you.

By having me set up your campaigns properly in the first place, you can earn money by getting positive results right away. You won't be paying for time lost, or improper account setup in the long run.

2 - By Writing Effective Ads

Writing effective ads is a key part of getting a visitor who sees your ad to actually CLICK on it and go your page.

My experience here is one of the things that sets me apart... I have written hundreds of ads for these programs, and know what works and what doesn't.

I am very familiar with the internal guidelines that these programs use to allow or reject ads, and which ads draw the most response.

Writing, testing, and monitoring the most effective ads for your keywords and campaigns can earn you money by driving the most qualified prospects to your website, with the best price per click possible.

3 - By Proper Bidding For The Best Return On Investment

The bidding amount that you pay per click depends on how stiff your competition is in your field. Every time someone clicks on your ad, the amount that you bid determines how much you pay.

The formula Google uses is somewhat complex, but your cost per click is basically determined by the relative bidding of your competition, along with the correct optimization of your keywords and ad content.

These campaigns are very flexible, and can be fitted around your budget and your goals.

Bidding that is done properly can earn you money, because you pay the minimum amount possible. Often this can be well below what you might expect to pay, if you are bidding without knowing the details and proper usage of the system.

4 - By Having You Run Your OWN Business, And Not Forcing You To Become An Expert In Pay Per Click

You can earn money by using me for your Pay Per Click, because you can focus on running your OWN business, NOT on the details of a complex PPC system.

The advantage you have in working with me to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns is that I know the programs and understand the proven methods for getting the most out of them.

I can make sure that your campaigns are molded to fit your goals and objectives, and your budget. Then you can spend your time doing the things that YOU do best... serving your customers or clients through your business.

"Please feel free to use me at anytime as a reference and I would be happy to confirm the contribution that you have made to our success."

Roy E. Chitwood, President,
Max Sacks International

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5 - By Taking Advantage Of My No-Strings-Attached, Free Consultation

You can call or E-mail me now to take advantage of my free consultation. You have nothing to lose, and will undoubtedly learn something about Google AdWords PPC programs and how they relate to your business - even if you don't hire me.

I will work with you as an individual business or business owner, not as a number and a bank account like some big companies do.

star Contact Me Now for Clear Answers

Google is hugely powerful. If you want to make the most of every opportunity that Google AdWords has to offer, you can unleash the full power of Google by working with me!

You can take advantage of my free consultation any time that is convenient for you. I will answer any questions you have, clearly and concisely, and will respect your time and privacy.

Feel free to contact me today and we can talk about how I can help your business grow by using the most powerful marketing tool available to you - your own Google AdWords program.