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star Testimonials for AJ Consulting, Google AdWords Consultant


Lute Atieh, American Business & Technology University

Lute Atieh, American Business & Technology University

"We have used Alex's services for over a year now and he has played a great part in our marketing strategies. He is easy to work with and always right on budget and target with up to date materials, He gives "big picture ideas" in addition to detailed recommendations. Alex is a pleasure to work with because of his reliability and responsiveness. He follows through and executes all the plans we have laid out from the beginning and shows creativity when adjustments are necessary. I would highly recommend Alex if you want to be above the curve."

Lute Atieh
Vice President, CEO
American Business & Technology University

Charles Donahue, Donahue Law

Charles Donahue, Donahue Law

"I have been very favorably impressed with Alex. He's very responsive, easy to work with, knowledgeable and reasonable with his charges. I'm getting good results for the first time ever."

Charles Donahue
NH Injury Attorney
Donahue Law



Crystal Robertson, Marketing Director, BenchmarkPortal

Crystal Robertson, Marketing Director, BenchmarkPortal

"Alex has been a blessing to our business. We all wear many hats at our company and for years many managers attempted to manage our own Google Adwords account. We all thought we had a pretty good handle on things. It wasn't until we reached out for help in efforts to maximize our dollar spend and be sure we were doing things correctly, that we saw how much money we sadly wasted over the course of several years

When Alex took over we saw our CTR improve drastically. We were able to spend what we wanted to spend without drastically going over budget.

Alex was able to pinpoint areas where we were spending on clicks that weren't even targeted to our offerings and should have been managed to block certain keywords moving forward. He also is so on top of the industry so he always has the latest and greatest tools to keep your account fresh and on par with where the industry stands utilizing Google Ads.

We are getting way more bang for our buck and spending less than we did in years. Now we can start to put marketing dollars back into this channel knowing the power of our dollar is working 10x harder than it was before.

We highly recommend his services - trust us - leave it to the experts to handle so you can focus your efforts on other money making tasks."

Crystal Robertson
Marketing & College Director
BenchmarkPortal - Call Center Training & Certification



Jeff Goldman Law, Immigration Attorney, Seattle WA

Jeff Goldman, Immigration Attorney

"I started using you because a friend and colleague of mine highly recommended you. Since you have started on my account results from advertising are going crazy, I am getting lots of calls.

I even had to hire 2 new part time legal assistants to help with the increased business. My friends and clients tell me my website and ads are popping up everywhere on the internet - and the phone is ringing off the hook. The type and quality of clients I am getting now has improved dramatically.

What I like is that not only do you help me with my AdWords Pay Per Click but you have also improved my website and image of my law firm. You have really helped my law practice grow, and I am so happy I am using your services.

Thanks again for what you've done for my business Alex, and I will gladly recommend you to anyone who wants high quality help with their online marketing and advertising."

Jeff Goldman
Immigration Attorney
Jeff Goldman Law



Rabbi Zachary Goldman, EarthKosher

Rabbi Zachary Goldman, EarthKosher

"Alex Johnson of AJ Consulting is an exceptionally competent, thorough and meticulous marketing consultant for Google Adwords Campaign work. He is reliable, affordable and efficient.

We are very pleased with his work and he has had a significant positive impact on our bottom line. I recommend him with utmost enthusiasm and appreciation."

Rabbi Zachary Goldman
Founder and CEO
EarthKosher Kosher Certification Agency



Law Offices of Geoffrey Burg, Seattle WA

Geoffrey Burg

"I am an attorney practicing law in Washington State. Alex is helping me market my web site.

He is has done an outstanding job in both customer service and getting my web site to move up the the charts to the top positions. He is very easy to work with - e-mails and phone calls are all promptly returned, he uses his time (and thus my money) judiciously, and keeps me informed on the strategies that he is using and how my web site is performing.

In terms of technical expertise, the cliché of "the proof is in the pudding" seems to hold true - my web site is now tops in all the search engines.

If you are looking for someone to help you with your Pay Per Click programs then I give him my full recommendation."

Geoffrey Burg
Criminal Defense Attorney
Seattle, Washington



Shae Reilly, Reilly Realtors, Austin TX

Shae Reilly, Reilly Realtors

"After talking to a big consulting company about my Google AdWords account I knew I needed help with my account, but didn't think the big company would give me the personal attention and education I could get from an individual.

I was also wary about their fees as they wanted to charge a percent of my monthly AdWords budget plus a significant set up fee.

After searching online and calling a few independent AdWords consultants, I decided to work with Alex Johnson.

I checked references and his clients love him, and now I know why!

Alex answers the phone when you call, he is great about communicating his efforts, offers his time for a reasonable fee, and he's a nice guy!

He did an evaluation of my account and let me know what to adjust and gave me new ideas to try.

A week after making some changes to my campaign, I saw my cost per click go down 7 cents! Thank you, Alex!"

Shae Reilly
Reilly Realtors, an Austin Real Estate company



George Temple, President - Higher Aim Inc

George Temple, President, Higher Aim Inc.

"Alex Johnson is just what I want from an adwords manager, efficient, proactive and cost effective. Just the right amount of recommendations, always having an eye on results. His communications is steady an informative. The hourly business model is very easy to manage and He is very careful not to over-commit.

The last several years of working with Alex I have found his service to be a better, more consistent value than the various other routes I have tried."

George Temple President
Higher Aim Inc



Capt. Stan Koenigsberger, Quetzal Adventures, CA

Capt. Stan Koenigsberger, Quetzal Adventures

"I run a fishing charter business I and was running my own PPC programs until I decided I needed some help.

I started by Googleing "Google AdWord Consultants" and after talking to several consultants I spoke to Alex.

After our conversation I felt very comfortable with how our conversation had gone, Alex took the time to find out about my business, and listened carefully to what I had to say.

Alex has been very professional and responsive to my needs and concerns. When I call he is there, and takes care of my business right away.

In the month since Alex improved my campaigns, he has more than DOUBLED the number of clicks I have gotten, while cutting my cost per click in HALF!

I would highly recommend Alex for any Pay Per Click consulting or management that you might need."

Capt. Stan Koenigsberger
Quetzal Adventures



Ken Boynton, Boyntunes Inc. and Message Glue, Seattle WA

Ken Boynton, Boyntunes Inc.

"I gotta tell you...this is my favorite way to do up the owner, who I like and respect and zap! The problem is taken care of.

I so appreciate you helping me out. I talk you up ALL the time to my cohorts, and hopefully that's gonna result in more business comin' your way.

I highly recommend you and your services, thanks for all your help!"

Ken Boynton
Boyntunes Inc. and Message Glue



Ken Roberts, Jewelry Supply

"Alex provided me with clear answers... and measurable results.

With a significant portion of our business coming from the Internet we only trust professionals with proven experience to be involved with our pay per click accounts.

The work Alex has done for us has resulted in increased performance in every aspect. He is easy to work with, prompt, and gets us the results we want.

I highly recommend the services of Alex Johnson and AJ Consulting."

Ken Roberts



Richard Wallace, Urban Wildlife Control

"Tired of all the big PPC companies that produce absolutely nothing? Yes, me too. I have spent over $2,000 a month on bigger PPC companies and got nothing but a headache and and a bunch of wasted money on keywords that cost big bucks but produce ZERO RESULTS.

Well, at first I wasn't real excited about AJ's approach to things but I wasn't about to get another big PPC company to run my adwords account and the smaller PPC managing groups come and go faster than cheap vodka at a frat party.

AJ has been able to cut my previous budget down and produce actual results for me. He can even show me the results with all these charts (if that's your thing) letting me know where my funds are going weekly.

This is very important for my line of work as it changes with the seasons. Well, after my initial hesitation with yet another PPC guy, he has been here and producing results, month after month."

Richard Wallace
UWC, Inc.



Roy Terry, Pipeline Restoration

I received this e-mail from my client recently -

I had to pause my account today...too much work!

I guess you did your job TOO well.

Thanks again, Roy"

And later I received this e-mail:

"Way too many calls, best sales month ever by 20% in November."

Roy Terry, Owner
Pipeline Restoration



Steve Plank, Advanced Termite & Pest Control

"When I was looking for help with my Google AdWords account I found Alex on the Internet.

After talking to him on the phone I found him to be very knowledgeable and helpful, so I decided to take a chance and see what he could do to help me.

Having been burned before on this type of thing, I took a chance and sent him money to start work on my account. I am pleased to say he really came through for me, and did everything he said he would do.

He created some new campaigns for me, and they turned out very good. They were nice and smooth, and very professional. They represented me and my company in the way I wanted them to, and they worked as well as I had hoped for. He continues to monitor and improve my Google account, with good results.

One of the things I really like best about working with Alex is how he always checks with me on everything, and follows up on everything he says he will do. I feel he has taken care of me and always looks out for my best interest.

I would recommend Alex for any Google Pay Per Click work you might need done."

Steve Plank, Owner,
Advanced Termite & Pest Control


Adam Temple -

Adam Temple,

"Alex has done great work for me. Running Bixly keeps me very busy, and it's great to know my Adwords campaigns are taken care of by an expert.

We have a huge amount of leads, which is always a great problem to have."

Adam Temple, CEO



Rondi Tiernan, Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice

"We have worked with Alex for several years on web pages promoting our various seminars for DUI Attorneys in Washington state. He has always done high quality work, responds quickly and delivers work in a timely fashion. I can count on him because he works diligently to get the job done accurately the first time.

If you need high quality and effective help with your web marketing, I recommend Alex."

Rondi Tiernan
Executive Director
Seminar Committee
Washington Foundation for Criminal Justice



Ron Holm - Max Sacks International

Ron Holm, Max Sacks International

"I've known and worked with Alex for more than 10 years. During that time, he has continually provided great service, creative, dynamic ideas for evolving web content and is uber-responsive to help with special projects such as sales automation forms and linkages.

We also appreciate Alex for his professionalism and thoroughness. Any one considering Alex as a web development outside resource can rest assured they'll be pleased if they select him."

Ron Holm,
Max Sacks International
Senior Instructor and Distributor



Burt Ensley, CEO, DermaPlus, Inc.


"Mr. Alex Johnson of AJ Consulting has been a real pleasure to work with. I have found him to be hard working, intelligent and capable.

He improved our Google Ad Words response rate from a dismal 0.1 - 0.2% to as an impressive 1.5% in a month.

I believe AJ's approach and industry know-how maximized our ROI within our consumer group and budget."

Burt Ensley
CEO, DermaPlus, Inc.



Shay Villere, The Intercessors


"Alex was a great help to my online business. Not only did he provide expert opinions and analysis, but he communicated with google for me, which took a huge load off my shoulders.

He is a capable consultant and he also is full of integrity. I feel that I really got value for my money, which does not always happen in the online arena.

I do plan on using his services again, and to me, that is the best thing I can say about a consultant."

Shay Villere
The Intercessors



Anuj Uppal, Beenu Corporation

"Alex is very trustworthy and has complete knowledge of Google Adwords.

I used his services and was very impressed by his knowledge of the work he provides.

It was money well spent."

Anuj Uppal
Beenu Corporation



Robert Braun Jr., Braun Consulting Group, Seattle WA

Robert Braun Jr., Braun Consulting Group

To: Those Interested in Quality Internet Consulting


Alex has always maintained the highest degree of professionalism. His finished product is always completed on time and done exactly as we requested it. Alex pays attention to all of the details, no matter how small.

The advice and consultation that AJ Consulting has provided for Braun Consulting Group has proved right on the money over the years.

I highly recommend Alex Johnson and AJ Consulting for the experience, timeliness, and effectiveness in all things related to Internet strategies and consulting that they can provide.

Please feel free to contact me for an in person or email reference check.

Robert R. Braun Jr.
President and CEO
Braun Consulting Group



Roy E. Chitwood, Max Sacks International

Roy E. Chitwood, Max Sacks International


"It will soon be fifteen years since I started talking with you about some of the problems I was having with my website and Internet activity.

Alex, thank you for your interest, dedication, professionalism and continuous suggestions on how we can improve our Internet presence. Business has never been better for Max Sacks International and our future has never looked brighter than it does today. I am confident you have made a significant contribution to our success. Please feel free to use me at anytime as a reference and I would be happy to confirm the contribution that you have made to our success."

Roy E. Chitwood, CSP, CSE
President, Max Sacks International



Mark D. West & Lizard Tracks Art Studio, Seattle WA

Mark D. West, Lizard Tracks Art Studio

"Dear reader,

I am writing in reference to the excellence I have experienced through my work with Alex Johnson and AJ Consulting. From the initial contact, and continually through our work together, he has maintained a level of perfection, and attention to detail that makes me feel right at home.

My business, Lizard Tracks Art Studio also expects (and demands) nothing less than this approach & attitude. My work as an artist was made easier by the positive, solution oriented approach of Alex Johnson, allowing me to concentrate on artwork, and Alex to coordinate technical areas with strengths in clarity, and vision. I look forward to our working together in the future."

Mark D.West
Lizard Tracks Art Studio



Denton Rossell, Ph.D., Eleganza Ltd.

Denton Rossell, Ph.D., Eleganza Ltd.

Eleganza Ltd.
Importers of Fine Statuary

"Dear Alex:

Since Eleganza is an outlet for art we have felt that a website representing Eleganza must reflect artistry and beauty. We feel that that objective has been achieved and we are grateful to you for your help in establishing that objective.

We are also aware that a website representing our company must also be practical if it is to be effective and we credit your technical knowledge and sensitivity for achieving that aspect of the site without loss of the beauty.

Thanks for your help."

Denton Rossell, Ph.D.
Eleganza Ltd.



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